Saturday, March 16, 2013

So...figured I'd start a blog.

Learning about the TS-440S.

Previous to this all I have had is theory.  Putting it into practise sure is enlightening.  All the little quirks of the rig are taking some time to learn. The almost constant adjustments when changing bands or modes are keeping me on my toes and forcing me to re-examine what I had learnt before.

I've joined a group of hams from Canada and the USA, the 3730 Group, that meet up nightly.  Good bunch of folks.  I'm having fun talking to them.  Although I've only been on a few times due to this blasted sinus infection.  I'm looking forward to participating in local activities such as field day with them.

Tried for some DX on 17m today.  There was a good strong station in Germany calling CQ DX, many were getting QSOs.  It seemed that there was something wrong with my knob twisting.  He could see or hear my signal but could not make me out due to a fault with my modulation.  Gotta keep trying.

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